Candice Trefero

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My name is Candice Trefero and I have over a decade of professional experience as an educator teaching children in various settings. My teaching style is patient and consistent. I like to sing and dance and encourage my students to do the same. It is my goal to make learning English FUN! I have experience teaching: ESL, ELA, math, science, English, religion, exercise, and test preparation for exams such as TESOL, TEFOL, SAT, ACT. My students come from around the world. I like to keep in touch with them.

我叫Candice Trefero,是一名教育家。我有超过十年的专业经验,善于在不同环境中因材施教。我是一名有耐心的老师,教学风格始终如一。我喜欢唱歌和跳舞,并鼓励我的学生也这样做。我的目标是使学习英语更有趣!我在教授ESLELA,数学,科学,英语,宗教,运动课程方面具有经验,并擅长为TESOLTOEFLSATACT等提供辅导。我的学生来自世界各地,我喜欢与他们建立长久的关系。