Bill Kirby

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Hello everyone, Im Bill Kirby, an educational consultant at the Henry Group. Ive been an educator for some years now, and in the course of that time Ive been a decades-long Teacher/Consultant for the National Writing Project, a three-time recipient of fellowships to the Bread Loaf School of English (studying at the Lincoln College, Oxford University campus my last semester in the program), a Teacher/Presenter for the National Math and Science Initiative, a National Board Certified Teacher (twice), and a Candidate Support Person for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards for eight years. Ive helped hundreds of students achieve success with their SAT, ACT, and AP English exams, and they went on to great college careers in schools like Stanford, Yale, Duke, and others. Needless to say, I love to teach literacy, and higher order thinking regarding that literacy. Everyone has the capacity to be a more effective reader and writer. My approach is a commonsensical view that is centered on a solid and a thorough knowledge of the content.

大家好,我是比尔·柯比,亨利集团的教育顾问。我成为教育者多年,并且作为长达数十年的老师/国家写作项目的顾问,三次获得Bread Loaf 学校英语(学习在林肯大学,牛津大学校园我的上学期计划)的奖学金, 国家数学与科学计划教师/主讲人,国家委员会认证教师(两次),国家专业教学标准委员会候选支持人员8年。我帮助了数百名学生通过SATACTAP英语考试取得成功,他们在斯坦福大学、耶鲁大学、杜克大学等学校获得了很好的大学职业生涯。我非常喜欢教授读写知识,以及关于读写的更高层次的思考。每个人都有能力成为一个更有效的读者和作家。我的方法是一个常识性的观点,以坚实和全面的内容知识为中心。